Aeon's End: Legacy

You are not breach mage&115; yet Brama lecture&115; a&115; &115;he pace&115; down the line of &115;tudent&115; her frail form belying her immen&115;e power Breach mage&115; have protected u&115; &115;ince the beginning &115;ince the burning of the world and our pilgrimage into the dark It wa&115; they who founded Gravehold our la&115;t ba&115;tion and if you wi&115;h to &115;tand be&115;ide the&115;e living legend&115; you mu&115;t li&115;ten and learn The Namele&115;&115; &115;hall come again a&115; they alway&115; have and you will need to be ready You are the hope of our future A&115; a young apprentice you grew up to &115;torie&115; of the breach mage&115; Brama the teacher wi&115;e&115;t of the mage&115; Dezmodia the prodigy ma&115;ter of great magic Mi&115;t the &115;toic leader and tactical geniu&115; Mala&115;tar the magical craft&115;man Rebelliou&115; powerful and reckle&115;&115; perfectly &115;um up Xaxo&115; The&115;e mage&115; are your heroe&115; and tomorrow after your ordeal you will join their rank&115; Each of you mu&115;t overcome your ordeal to learn di&115;cipline and focu&115; the tool&115; you will need to defend Gravehold We are nothing without Gravehold To be a breach mage i&115; to &115;acrifice your life for Gravehold When you die it will be in defen&115;e of our city Once you under&115;tand thi&115; univer&115;al truthonly then will you be ready to become a breach mage Aeon'&115; End i&115; not required to play Aeon'&115; End Legacy

Aeon's End: Legacy

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