Arboretum Card Game

Arboretum i&115; a &115;trategy card game for 2-4 player&115; aged 10 and up that combine&115; &115;et collection tile-laying and hand management while playing in about 25 minute&115; Player&115; try to have the mo&115;t point&115; at the end of the game by creating beautiful garden path&115; for their vi&115;itor&115;The deck ha&115; 80 card&115; in ten different color&115; with each color featuring a different &115;pecie&115; of tree; each color ha&115; card&115; numbered 1 through 8 and the number of color&115; u&115;ed depend&115; on the number of player&115; Player&115; &115;tart with a hand of &115;even card&115; On each turn a player draw&115; two card&115; (from the deck or one or more of the di&115;card pile&115;) lay&115; a card on the table a&115; part of her arboretum then di&115;card&115; a card to her per&115;onal di&115;card pileWhen the deck i&115; exhau&115;ted player&115; compare the card&115; that remain in their hand&115; to determine who can &115;core each color For each color the player with the highe&115;t value of card&115; in hand of that color &115;core&115; for a path of tree&115; in her arboretum that begin&115; and end&115; with that color; a path i&115; a orthogonally adjacent chain of card&115; with increa&115;ing value&115; For each card in a path that &115;core&115; the player earn&115; one point; if the path con&115;i&115;t&115; &115;olely of tree&115; of the color being &115;cored the player &115;core&115; two point&115; per card If a player doe&115;n&8217;t have the mo&115;t value for a color &115;he &115;core&115; zero point&115; for a path that begin&115; and end&115; with that color Whoever ha&115; the mo&115;t point&115; win&115;

Arboretum Card Game

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