Arexx Robot assembly kit JM3 MARVIN JM3 MARVIN

Robot of the Internet of Things (IoT), a graphic generation - programmable in Marvin-iRP programming environment for young people, students and schools for the promotion of logical, analytical thinking.No software installation on PC/Notebook is necessary!The graphical programming language for beginners MARVIN-iRP-, advanced users and experts.No software installation on PC/laptop/tablet is necessary.The robot requires no internet connection - it can be used with an existing WIFI router (Infrastructure mode) or in ad-hoc mode (direct) with a computer with WIFI interface to communicate. Created programs can be saved and re-loaded.Ideal for learning the robot programming without a programming language learning - everything in an easy-to-understand way.For Technology-inspired young people and students/schools to a simple introduction to the world of programming.Marvin is via the menu' remote control and display' can be remote controlled. In addition, the virtual display in the browser different statuses (depending on the programming).TIVATM C-Microcontroller ARM Cortex-M4F (floating point) with 512 KB Flash, 256 KB SRAM, 6 KB EEPROM.Highlights & details of the hardware:Proximitiy-Sensor (almost regardless of the reflection of the surface). · 9D gyro & compass sensor (tilt-compensated)Real-time clock (RTC) with buffer battery · 1x RGB LED status · 2 x head lights (white) and 2 x rear lights (red) · Micro SD Card Reader · Arduino add header · Firmware in C/C++ with real-time operating system (RTOS) free · Micro-USB plug for the programming of the firmware or WiFi setup (ad hoc/infrastructure) · Powerful micro gear motors with high-resolution optometry for high speed · Chain drive (rubber) · 6 Cell voltage supply for AA batteries or rechargeable batteries for long running time.This text is machine translated.

Arexx Robot assembly kit JM3 MARVIN JM3 MARVIN

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