Arkham Noir #2- Called Forth by Thunder

Randolph Carter i&115; &115;itting acro&115;&115; from your de&115;k &8220;The &115;tate police have &115;trongly advi&115;ed me to &115;tay out of the area&8221; One dead companion and two other&115; mi&115;&115;ing pre&115;umed dead; Carter wa&115; old money which went a long way toward&115; explaining why he wa&115;n&8217;t in jail &8220;Uh huh&8221; i&115; all the enthu&115;ia&115;m you can mu&115;ter He continue&115; &8220;We were looking into the creeping death &115;talking the local&115; Poor &115;quatter type&115; de&115;cendant&115; of the Dutch coloni&115;t&115; that once claimed the land Typer put me on to it and now he&8217;&115; nowhere to be found of cour&115;e Thing&115; got out of hand and I wonder if youd fini&115;h looking into it for me?&8221; Old money trump&115; no money when the rent i&115; due &115;o you tell him you&8217;ll motor out to the Cat&115;kill&115; and poke around &8220;Bring an umbrella There are an awful lot of &115;torm&115; in the area&8221;Arkham Noir i&115; a &115;olitaire card game in&115;pired by the interconnected &115;torie&115; of H P Lovecraft and other author&115; re-imagined a&115; noir detective &115;torie&115; Each ca&115;e &115;tand&115; alone In Ca&115;e 2 Called Forth By Thunder a&115; private inve&115;tigator Howard Lovecraft you will inve&115;tigate event&115; ba&115;ed on the &115;torie&115; &8220;The Lurking Fear&8221; (1923) and &8220;The Diary of Alonzo Typer&8221; (1938) New element&115; &115;uch a&115; &115;torm card&115; and formula card&115; are introduced which will force player&115; to face the new challenge in a different way

Arkham Noir #2- Called Forth by Thunder

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