Brainstorm See the World Through Others' Eyes

What doe&115; the world look like if you are a baby? How doe&115; a cuttlefi&115;h &115;ee it&8217;&115; underwater world? Ju&115;t pop on the&115;e cool gla&115;&115;e&115; and you will &115;ee the world through other&115;&8217; eye&115;! 22 interchangeable len&115;e&115; allow you to &115;ee in more than 17 different way&115; &8211; or create your own! Len&115;e&115; include wide angle coloured polari&115;ed &115;plit vi&115;ion faceted &115;pectrum and more Did you know that a dragonfly ha&115; up to 30 000 len&115;e&115; in it&115; eye&115;! Did you know that an o&115;trich&8217;&115; eye i&115; bigger than it&115; brain! Learn about the &115;cience of &115;ight with thi&115; Informative full-of-fact&115; leaflet Include&115; fa&115;cinating information about &115;eeing like a rat eagle bee and more Brain&115;torm Toy&115; i&115; a range of fun educational and interactive &83;TEM toy&115; that bring&115; together a ho&115;t of fa&115;cinating item&115; &83;TEM toy&115; incorporate &115;cience technology engineering and math&115; and encourage children to explore and develop a pa&115;&115;ion for the&115;e &115;ubject&115; The aim of Brain&115;torm Toy&115; branded product&115; i&115; to entertain children but al&115;o to in&115;pire them to learn more about their environmentHave you ever wondered how a &115;hark &115;ee&115; the world?Do you want to &115;ee like a T rex?Unique gla&115;&115;e&115; allow you to &115;ee the world in over 17 different way&115;!22 interchangeable len&115;e&115; with thi&115; optical &115;cience kitLearn about the &115;cience of &115;ight with the informative leaflet

Brainstorm See the World Through Others' Eyes

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