Candylocks Basic Doll – 1 At Random

Whos in There With the Cotton Candy Hair?Candylocks are the scented collectible dolls full of surprises! Every Candylocks has 15 inches of super soft colourful hair that looks just like cotton candy! Its a mystery which doll is inside every pack Unwrap her hair to reveal your Candylocks cutie! Each 3-inch doll has its own sweets-inspired theme unique scent and 6 hair accessories to customise her look With over 20 Candylocks dolls to collect who will you discover?EASY-TO-STYLE COTTON CANDY HAIR The unique texture of Candylocks' cotton candy-inspired hair makes it easy to style It holds its shape and doesn't come apart Create braids buns twists and ponytails - the hairstyle possibilities are endless!SURPRISE SCENTED COLLECTIBLE DOLL With 15 inches of super-soft cotton candy-inspired hair every Candylocks doll is a hidden surprise wrapped inside her hair! Unravel her hair to reveal your delightfully scented Candylocks doll!6 SURPRISE HAIR ACCESSORIES Inside the whimsical cotton candy cone packaging discover 6 surprise Candylocks hair accessories! Customise her hairstyle with 3 hair gems a hair twirler and 2 hair pin accessories that match the doll's theme!Candylocks are scented collectible dolls and make a great gift for kids aged 5 and up Every Candylocks is full of surprises Unravel her cotton candy hair and discover who's inside!

Candylocks Basic Doll - 1 At Random

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