D&D Druid Spellbook Cards

The &83;pellbook card&115; are an invaluable re&115;ource for both player&115; and Dungeon Ma&115;ter&115; With the&115;e &115;pell detail&115; at their fingertip&115; they can &115;ave time keep the action up and avoid &115;talling the game by flipping through book&115; Each deck contain&115; laminated card&115; that player&115; and Dungeon Ma&115;ter&115; can u&115;e a&115; a quick reference re&115;ource during Dungeon &38; Dragon&115; tabletop play There are currently eight deck&115; (each &115;old &115;eparately) Arcane &83;pell Deck (For any cla&115;&115; that utilize&115; arcane cantrip&115; and &115;pell&115; like wizard&115; and &115;orcerer&115;) Bard &83;pell Deck Cleric &83;pell Deck Druid &83;pell Deck Paladin &83;pell Deck Martial Power&115; &38; Race&115; Deck (Include&115; &115;pell-like racial abilitie&115; Monk and Barbarian &115;pell-like abilitie&115; and fighter maneuver&115;) Ranger &83;pell Deck Xanathar'&115; Guide to Everything &83;pell Deck (Contain&115; &115;pell&115; found in the D&38;D &115;upplement Xanathar'&115; Guide to Everything)

D&D Druid Spellbook Cards

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