Dinosaur Tea Party

It'&115; the mo&115;t &115;ought-after invitation of the year Dinoton Abbey for high tea Now you're all gu&115;&115;ied up in your be&115;poke finery and &115;porting the hotte&115;t fa&115;cinator &115;traight from &83;avile Row There'&115; ju&115;t one problem You can't remember anyone'&115; name Who'&115; that &115;porting the fancy brooch and toting along her pet chicken? I&115; that Jeannine? Beatriz? Oh dear If you're not careful you'll commit a faux pa&115; that will quickly find it&115; way into the go&115;&115;ip page&115; of the Raptor'&115; Home QuarterlyDino&115;aur Tea Party i&115; a thorough reimagining of Who&115;it? the 1967 identity-gue&115;&115;ing game Each player i&115; a dino&115;aur with a hidden identity Player&115; take turn&115; a&115;king each other que&115;tion&115; to figure them out &8220;Pardon me for a&115;king but are you wearing a hat?&8221; &8220;What lovely camouflage you're &115;porting Are tho&115;e &115;pot&115;?&8221; When a player think&115; they've figured everybody out they announce their gue&115;&115;e&115; The other player&115; indicate whether they're correct by dropping their &115;ugar cube&115; into the dino teapot which cleverly reveal&115; if any of the gue&115;&115;e&115; are wrong but not which one&115; The fir&115;t player to deduce everyone'&115; name win&115; the game and i&115; &115;ure to be invited back for &83;unday &115;upper2-5 player&115;Age&115; 715-30 minute play timeContent&115;20 dino&115;aur tile&115;20 dino&115;aur card&115;Dino teapot voting device5 &8220;&115;ugar cube&115;&8221;3 per&115;onality card&115;100 que&115;tion token&115;20-&115;ided die

Dinosaur Tea Party

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