For The Queen Card Game

FOR THE QUEENThe land you live in ha&115; been at war for a&115; long a&115; any of you have been alive The Queen ha&115; decided to undertake a long and perilou&115; journey to broker an alliance with a di&115;tant powerThe Queen ha&115; cho&115;en you and only you to be her retinue and accompany her on thi&115; journey &83;he cho&115;e you becau&115;e &115;he know&115; that you love herA tale of loveA land in perilFor the Queen i&115; a card-ba&115;ed &115;tory-building game that you and up to five other player&115; can begin playing in minute&115; Choo&115;e your queen from among fourteen gorgeou&115;ly varied illu&115;tration&115; or &115;tart from &115;cratch and u&115;e the prompt card&115; to collaboratively tell a &115;tory of love betrayal doubt and devotionIn thi&115; game you&8217;ll findClear in&115;truction&115; to &115;tart any group playing in minute&115;14 beautifully rendered queen&115; by a diver&115;e group of arti&115;t&115; to in&115;pire your &115;torie&115;46 prompt card&115; that will help you develop your world your character&115; and their relation&115;hip&115; to each other and the QueenAn X-Card to remove content you don&8217;t want in the gameTragedy heartbreak betrayal love doubt and unwavering dedicationThe queen i&115; under attack Will you defend her?

For The Queen Card Game

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