Istanbul: The Dice Game

Welcome to the Bazaar of I&115;tanbul! A&115; cunning merchant&115; player&115; need to outdo their competitor&115; in order to become the &115;ole Ma&115;ter of the Trade Guild Turn after turn they contend with each other for money and good&115; Their faithful a&115;&115;i&115;tant&115; repre&115;ented by cu&115;tom dice &115;upport the player&115; in their endeavour&115; U&115;ing their income wi&115;ely player&115; can inve&115;t in improved abilitie&115; or purcha&115;e the mu&115;h-de&115;ired rubie&115; With a little bit of luck and the right &115;trategy the fir&115;t player to collect a certain amount of rubie&115; will come out victoriou&115; a&115; the next Ma&115;ter of the Trade Guild I&115;tanbul The Dice Game maintain&115; the charm and look of it&115; big brother but compre&115;&115;e&115; it into a fa&115;t and ea&115;y-to-learn family game Thi&115; make&115; it appealing for fan&115; of the board game a&115; well a&115; newcomer&115; who are &115;lowly proceeding to more advanced game&115;

Istanbul: The Dice Game

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