MiniTrix T66857 Locomotive decoder

Receiver for all DC locomotives with a total power consumption up to 1000 mA (motor 1000 mA, each light 200mA). Suitable for digital locomotives with an mtc 14 - digital interface. Universally in Selectrix 1, Selectrix 2 and DCC-format can be used. Automatic detection of analogue. Automatic load control. Connection for the light function. Connection for additional functions (AUX1 and AUX2). Short-circuit protection of the motor output. Advanced Selectrix 1-programming of additional settings by selecting the address "00", for example, a fine grading of the pulse width (control variant), the direction reversal. In Selectrix Operation: 31 speed levels. 111 addresses. DCC operation: Gear 14/28/126 drive settings. Addresses Optionally brief up to 127 and long-up to 10239. Brake operation in the DCC and SX-Format: DC DC / against pin, brake diodes, asymmetric track signal, brake generators. Dimensions approx. 14 x 9 x 2 mm. Robust multi-protocol retrofit decoder, short-circuit proof between the motor and the track; safety shutdown in the event of excess current, overheating and short-circuit; newly developed motor control for extremely smooth operation of all the common DC-motors to drive further at the same speed after power interruption until 1 s; SUSI-controlled start-up delay (SUSI-WAIT); one- or two-piece brake lines; special properties in analogue mode: very low adjustable starting voltage, Vmax limitation, dynamic driving voltage-dependent dimming of light and AUX, programmable functions, typical analogue driving behavior.This text is machine translated.

MiniTrix T66857 Locomotive decoder

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Conrad Electronic MiniTrix T66857 Locomotive decoder £37.99

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