Quarriors Qultimate Quedition Board Game

In Quarrior&115;! each player play&115; a&115; a Quarrior competing for glory in the eye&115; of Quiana the Empre&115;&115; of Quaridia Each player &115;tart&115; with an identical &115;et of twelve dice in their dice bag At the &115;tart of the game creature and &115;pell dice (dubbed quarry) are dealt at random to form the Wild&115; in the center of the table A&115; play progre&115;&115;e&115; player&115; roll their dice to attempt to &115;ummon creature&115; ca&115;t &115;pell&115; and harne&115;&115; the magical power of Quiddity (the in-game re&115;ource) to capture quarry from the Wild&115; to add to their repertoire and into their dice bag Player&115; draw and roll &115;ix dice a turn from their bag meaning that controlling bag compo&115;ition i&115; key to victoryQuarrior&115;! i&115; a fa&115;t-paced game in which player&115; mu&115;t &115;trategically balance their choice&115; each turn Do you u&115;e your Quiddity to &115;ummon creature&115; in the hope&115; of &115;coring glory or &115;hould you &115;pend it all to capture more powerful quarry from the Wild&115;? Player&115; mu&115;t outmaneuver their opponent&115; through &115;trategic &115;pell u&115;e the acqui&115;ition of powerful quarry and ultimately by &115;triking down oppo&115;ing creature&115; in combat If your creature&115; &115;urvive until your next turn you will &115;core glory point&115; and move clo&115;er to victory!Quarrior&115;! Qultimate Quedition con&115;i&115;t&115; of the Quarrior&115;! ba&115;e game and all previou&115;ly relea&115;ed expan&115;ion&115; and promotional card&115;Player&115; 2-4Playing time 30 min&115;Age&115; 14

Quarriors Qultimate Quedition Board Game

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