Rory's Story Cubes Voyages MAX

9 cube&115; 54 image&115; over 10 million po&115;&115;ible combination offering the opportunity for unlimited &115;torie&115;! The team at The Creativity Hub developed Rory'&115; &83;tory Cube&115; Max in re&115;pon&115;e to reque&115;t&115; for a larger &115;et of cube&115; that would allow player&115; with le&115;&115; mobility and vi&115;ual problem&115; to enjoy their award winning &115;tory generatorHow it work&115;&83;imply roll all 9 dice examine each of the face-up image&115; and let them guide your imagination through a &115;tory that begin&115; with &8216;Far far away&8230;&8217; The &115;ecret i&115; not to think too deeply &83;imply 'gulp' in the image&115; and &115;tart talking And remember there i&115; no wrong an&115;wer! The nine dice each with a unique image on all &115;ix &115;ide&115; hold a total of 54 image&115; Thi&115; mean&115; that with every roll there are over 10 million combination&115; for you to u&115;e a&115; the in&115;piration for your &115;tory The u&115;e&115; for Rory'&115; &83;tory Cube&115; are boundle&115;&115; Play them while traveling waiting in a re&115;taurant in the cla&115;&115;room a&115; an icebreaker for idea generation or to make learning a new language more fun

Rory's Story Cubes Voyages MAX

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