Star Realms Command Deck: The Unity

The Unity is one of the six command decks brought out alongside Star Realms Frontiers and they allow you to play as a Legendary Commander in the Star Realms universe In Star Realms you start with a set of the same basic cards and as the game progresses you will purchase more and more powerful cards to add to your deck The command decks give you a head start giving you more powerful starting cards special abilities and a unique commanderThe six command decks (one for each colour combination) are called The Alignment The Alliance The Coalition The Pact The Union and The UnityThe command decks can be used instead of the normal Star Realms starting deck and provide you with 18 unique cards with the following featuresPlay as a Legendary Commander with a matching card which shows the commander's hand size and starting authorityTwo Gambit cards which give your commander special abilitiesTwo easy to use score cardsA custom 12-card starting deck which includes new cards from your Commander's two factions This is much more powerful than a normal starting deckA unique eight-cost ship to add to the trade deckThe command decks can be used with any Star Realms set The Unity Commander is called Biolord Walsh and his favoured factions are Blob (Green) and Machine Cult (Red) He has an aggressive deck and his special abilities increase the power of your bases whilst reducing the power of your opponent&8217;s bases He can also get a high costed base into play very quickly which can make him very powerfulThe command decks offer more variation and excitement to an already great game Now you can battle with different commanders and start the game with unique cards and abilitiesPlayer Count 1-4 PlayersTime 20-45 MinutesAge 12

Star Realms Command Deck: The Unity

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