Star Wars Legion: X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion

Unable to match the Empire&115; production of military equipment the Rebel Alliance make&115; do with whatever they have on handwhich often mean&115; converting civilian vehicle&115; into weapon&115; of war In addition to being outfitted with &115;tolen weaponry to &115;upport Rebel &115;oldier&115; in combat the nonde&115;cript appearance of the&115;e vehicle&115; i&115; often u&115;eful in avoiding capture With an X-34 Land&115;peeder in your ar&115;enal youll be able to adapt one of the &83;tar War&115; &115;aga&8217;&115; mo&115;t iconic &115;peeder&115; to fit your need&115; on the battlefield&115; of the Galactic Civil WarAlready a &115;peedy craft thank&115; to it&115; powerful repul&115;or engine an X-34 Land&115;peeder become&115; a threat to even the toughe&115;t Imperial opponent&115; when driven by an experienced pilot and equipped with an a&115;&115;ortment of weapon&115; The X-34 Land&115;peeder Unit Expan&115;ion add&115; one X-34 land&115;peeder miniaturecomplete with two unique weapon option&115;to your Rebel armie&115; Along with the beautifully &115;culpted finely detailed miniature youll al&115;o find a unit card and all the token&115; you need to get your X-34 up and running in thi&115; expan&115;ion a&115; well a&115; a range of upgrade card&115; to cu&115;tomize it to your &115;pecific battle plan&115;

Star Wars Legion: X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion

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