The Grimm Masquerade Card Game

he Beast has invited you to his castle for a Masquerade When you enter you are magically transformed into the identity of another character from The Grimm Forest! The Beast enjoys his antics!Players will be outed if they are given 2 artifacts of their bane but can win the magical masquerade if they are able to collect 3 artifacts of their favorThe Beast loves to watch the characters try and oust each other Each player will draw 2 artifacts keeping one for themselves and giving 1 to any player at the ball This reveals a lot of information on both players Why did you keep that artifact? Oh excuse me Snow White I see you have 2 mirrors does that oust you as the Evil Queen?Turning in 2 Artifacts activates special actions as well timing these well have great benefits!Don't worry if you are outed early you take on the role of a Ghost you get to guess what character you think will win the magical masquerade and if you are correct you win along with them! You also take a turn handing out Artifacts to characters to try and sway the ball to your favor!The first player to collect 3 Artifacts of Favor or to be the last player remaining will win All other players will be given a token in their defeat When someone has 3 tokens that triggers the end of the masquerade and we see which player was the best!Players 2-5Playing time 20-40 minsAges 8

The Grimm Masquerade Card Game

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