The Witcher RPG Core Rulebook

From R Tal&115;orian Game&115; and CD Projeckt Red come&115; The Witcher TableTop RPG The Witcher let&115; you create your own &115;torie&115; &115;et within the world of Geralt of Rivia The Witcher i&115; a fa&115;t-paced game letting player&115; get to their &115;torie&115; and action quicklyIn The Witcher RPG player&115; can take on the role&115; of Bard&115; craft&115;men criminal&115; doctor&115; mage&115; mercenarie&115; merchant&115; prie&115;t&115; or even a fabled Witcher! Each cla&115;&115; provide&115; &115;pecial abilitie&115; and &115;kill&115; unique to them allowing for a wide range of play &115;tyle&115; and approache&115; Perhap&115; you will be a bard who u&115;e&115; their charm to get through &115;ituation&115; with the Nilfagrdian patrol in the fore&115;t? Maybe a criminal who can e&115;cape the cage&115; of hi&115; captor&115; with hi&115; lock-picking &115;kill?Not forgetting the mage&115; advi&115;ory to royalty &115;teeped in magic power and ability Doctor&115; of cour&115;e can heal them&115;elve&115; and other&115; around them Mercenarie&115; and merchant&115; want for money and prie&115;t&115; want for the &115;oul of their fellow&115; Not forgetting the mon&115;ter hunting &115;ign u&115;ing Witcher!The Fuzion &115;y&115;tem let&115; player&115; create detailed back&115;torie&115; called Lifepath&115; for their character&115; that allow for a truly epic and immer&115;ive &115;torytelling opportunity from where your character grew up about your parent&115; and even who your influential friend&115; were all contributing to your character and their abilitie&115; and &115;toryThe rule&115; al&115;o include detail&115; about the world of the Witcher it&115; hi&115;tory place&115; and people of importance a&115; well a&115; rule&115; and guidance on how to create your own &115;etting&115; &115;torie&115; and adventure&115; for the player&115; to partake inGet your &115;teel and &115;ilver &115;word&115; ready keep an eye out for the &83;coia'tael and &115;tart your own adventure into the world of The WitcherPlayer Count 4Time 60 Minute&115;Age 14

The Witcher RPG Core Rulebook

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