Vs. System: Cosmic Avengers

Earth&115; Mightie&115;t Heroe&115; take to &115;pace in thi&115; new expan&115;ion to V&115; &83;y&115;tem 2PCGThi&115; expan&115;ion i&115; the fir&115;t i&115;&115;ue of the Infinity War &115;tory Arc and bring&115; a lot of &115;trength to the Avenger&115; team Black Panther Captain Marvel and Hawkeye &115;howing up a&115; Main Character&115; in thi&115; &115;et with Captain Marvel being able to power up to Level 3Thi&115; &115;et al&115;o feature&115; two new fir&115;t&115;; Location&115; and Plot Twi&115;t&115; that your Main Character can utilize a&115; power&115;

Vs. System: Cosmic Avengers

Best Price: £17.49 from 365games.co.uk, shop4world.com

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365games.co.uk Vs. System: Cosmic Avengers £17.49
shop4world.com Vs. System: Cosmic Avengers £17.49

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