Top Toys – Best Christmas Toys for Christmas 2016

We have looked at various Top Toys for Christmas and have identified the following products that will bring enjoyment to boys and girls of all ages.  These are not in any particular order.

  • PAW Patrol Air Patroller

  • LEGO Friends: Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130)

  • Hatchimals Pengualas Egg also in Pink, Green and Purple

  • SelfieMic

  • Speak Out Game

Open wide for Speak Out the hilarious game where saying the right words is a real challenge! Bring family and friends together for laugh-out loud fun! Put in the mouthpiece, draw a card from the deck and try to say the written phrase. It sounds easy but with the special mouthpiece in place it's hard to get the words out! The timer counts down as players try to say phrases such as "he's my stealthy pet ferret name Garrett" or "slow down, you careless clown". The laughter continues as players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and must correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins! With 200 double-sided cards included, nothing tickles your tonsils like the Speak Out game! Contains: Speak Out Age: 16+ Batteries: N/A

Speak Out Game

Best Price: £11.99 from BARGAINMAX LIMITED

  • Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

This product is no longer available from our retailers but other popular Hot Wheels toys can be found here.

See also the Hot Wheels Tracker Builder System Power Booster Kit.

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire

Or check out Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster and Nerf Strongarm blaster.

  • Silly Sausage

The super-speedy sausage reaction game! Turn him on and wait for his commands but be warned, you'll need to be fast to keep up! With 10 grillin’ games and 5 sizzlin’ actions - Twist ME, Shake ME, Poke ME, Stretch ME and Dip ME!

Silly Sausage

Best Price: £19.99 from Fashion World

  • Little Live Pets Snuggles my Dream Puppy

This cute little puppy need a loving home. As soon as you look into his expressive eyes you will want to make him your own! Pet and cuddle him and he will love you back. Watch Snuggles face as he moves and even breathes when he falls asleep.

Little Live Pets Snuggles my Dream Puppy

Best Price: £54.99 from Character Online

  • LEGO Star Wars: Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155)

  • Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Motorized – Sky-high Bridge Jump (dfm54)

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