World Book Day 7 March 2019

World Book and Copyright Day 2019 in United Kingdom is on 7th March.  The event in 2019 celebrates books, getting children more aware of books and offered a chance for children to dress up as their favourite characters and play games linked to their favourite stories at school.

The date of World Book Day changes every year.

In the UK and Ireland, World Book Day is on the first Thursday of March and was therefore on Thursday, 7th March 2019 but in other countries World Book Day is celebrated on 23rd April , William Shakespeare’s birthday.

World Book Day, is run in partnership with schools all over the UK who will help in distributing more than 15 million £1 World Book Day book tokens to children, enough almost for every child/young person under 18 in the UK and Ireland.

When they get their book token, take it to the local bookshop and swap it for one of the ten exclusive, new and completely free £1 World Book Day books.  What books that are on offer this year can be found here.

If this is not for you, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book or audio book instead.


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